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What makes our solution secure and reliable

  • EAP Executive is a cloud native SaaS solution powered by Microsoft® Azure.
  • The offering is serverless, 24x7 solution, supported and backed by Microsoft®.
  • Cloud security is implemented using the Zero Trust framework (Microsoft® best practices). We’re working with a leading Australian cloud security expert firm ( to regularly assess and audit our approach.
  • We implement support for MFA and SSO, authenticating to our customers’ Azure Active Directory and supporting their counselling providers with registration in our managed cloud identity solution based on Azure Active Directory B2C.
  • Interconnected with APIs for such things as client self-service booking.
  • Our approach is highly customized and tailored to each client's unique needs and goals. We start by thisi understanding your business and industry, then develop a strategic plan to achieve your desired designe outcomes our company.