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Executive Software will deliver the outcomes you need – as we’ve done for many clients over the last twenty years. It’s time to get started – let’s go!

These are very worthwhile. I think everyone benefited from training on the basics as well as new features that are available. I still look up my notes that I took and personally gained a lot from the session.”


Our Discovery phase marks the exciting beginning of our journey with you and allows us to develop tailored solutions to meet your unique organizational and operational needs. During this pivotal phase, our expert team collaborates closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your company.

During the Discovery phase, we start by conducting comprehensive interviews and workshops with key stakeholders across various departments. This process enables us to gather invaluable insights into your specific requirements and pain points.  We delve into the company’s existing EAP framework, analyzing its strengths and areas that require enhancement. Our skilled consultants also assess the technological landscape and integration capabilities, ensuring seamless alignment with your systems. By studying and understanding your organizational operations, we lay the groundwork for a successful partnership, setting the stage for the design and implementation of an EAP solution that not only addresses current issues but also fosters a resilient, thriving workforce and delivers a first class client experience.

“I loved it – it was structured but we were able to ask questions along the way. I don’t think there are any secrets in the software – I know how to find things and know how the system is structured.”


Our implementation process is based on industry best practice ensuring we deliver what is needed to meet the specific requirements we agreed with you. This phase includes installation planning and establishment to capture all aspects of the service you offer your clients:

The phase also includes data migration of historical information, set-up of new processes and systems and onsite live cut-over all backed by full project management, regular check-ins, updates and progress reports.

Our highly experienced teams ensure we work at a pace to suit you but maintain a good pace of implementation so you can start enjoying your new solution and realising the benefits as quickly as possible.

“I particularly liked the first visual diagram which showed the different components. This was helpful to understand the system and I thought of this throughout the training.”


Our onsite and online training ensures that your teams are confident and proficient in using our solutions. We train your key users or super-users who then share their knowledge with your teams – and we’re on-hand to answer questions and queries.


Our team is focused on perpetual post go-live support and is keen for you to make the most of your EAP solution so we will keep you updated with new features and functionality. Our support service is 24x7x365. There’s always someone there to help you with your questions. We operate an efficient ticketing system and responses are aligned to your Service Level Agreement.


Annual User Group

We host an annual User Group, often aligned with a key industry conference where we discuss industry news, demonstrate new features and functionality and present our roadmap. It’s an interactive session and is followed by a couple of hours training on the new features plus any other areas requested by our users.

We are committed to making sure that your time invested in attending our user groups is highly valuable and beneficial for your work with your clients. Our goal is to provide you with essential knowledge that will assist you effectively to serve your customers.

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