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EAP Executive is the supreme solution for connecting Mental Health Organisations and Counselling providers to those who need them.

We collaborate with providers worldwide, offering specialized business management software tailored to the unique structure and processes of the counselling industry.

Our comprehensive system provides an end-to-end solution that encompasses every aspect of your business. This is our most powerful competitive advantage, as no other software provider has our width and breadth of functionality in their offering – and we know this to be true because we win RFPs against others based on the breadth of functionality that we offer.

EAP Executive Software is the ERP solution for the mental health industry.
Our solutions offer a wide range of functions enabling you to deliver your services effectively and efficiently – always meeting the demands of your customers. With our comprehensive solution, we ensure all the boxes on your wish list are checked…

Everything from initial booking to invoice – in one place

“EAP Services, now Habit Health, has worked alongside EAP Executive since December 2002. We needed a solution that would deliver tangible business benefits, assist with cost efficiencies, automate processes, case tracking, and detailed reporting. EAP Executive has delivered all of this – and more - which has enabled us to streamline our operations and deliver a first-rate service to our clients.”
Mark Shirley, Chief Innovation Officer - Habit Health, New Zealand

Everything you need for peace of mind

Eliminate manual processes

Streamline operations and significantly free-up admin time

Reduce paperwork

Our Professional Portal allows you to manage tasks, stay connected with your clients

Multilingual, multi-currency…

Seamless financial transactions across different regions and countries


Security is our top priority, to give you and your clients peace of mind…


Cloud-based, paperless process. Secure, fast and yours…

Implementation and Training

We make implementation and training easy. Aligning our software with your business goals.

"Vitae has used EAP Executive Software since 2018. This has been successful in assisting us to manage our workflow, our contracted clinicians, our customer queries and all reports and invoicing required. This has enabled a high level of efficiency and quality control. The team at EAP Executive have also been incredibly helpful and supportive of our business. Thank you."
Glenda Schnell, Chief Executive, Vitae – New Zealand

EAP Executive Software makes it easy!

We look forward to engaging in a productive discussion and exploring how we can implement our software effectively within your organization.