In 2003 we started developing EAP Executive with the vision of providing one fully integrated system specifically for the unique structure and process of the EAP Industry.

EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) were first established during the 1940s in America providing services designed to alleviate alcohol-related problems.  The industry today incorporates more complex employee and behavioral health services, including addressing a variety of personal and workplace issues.  Critical incidents and crisis management play an increasingly important part among employees seeking support and short term assistance.

A broad range of companies have implemented EAPs and research studies show that it has a positive impact on employee absenteeism, productivity and turnover.  Often the largest area of financial savings associated with EAPs comes from improved employee productivity and reduced costs for absent nonproductive employees.  EAPs have delivered tangible benefits for both employees and employers and they are likely to continue to grow.

We understand that EAP Providers need to have full visibility over their entire business operation and up to the minute information on how their company is performing.  EAP Executive software provides full integration from case creation through to data visualization and business intelligence which assists providers’ making informed business decisions.

EAP Executive was developed by highly qualified software engineers with an extensive background in delivering successful commercial solutions on target and budget.  EAP Executive has established itself as reliable, secure and easy to use.   New features on our upgrades come from end user recommendations and suggestions.

We offer a full range of products and services including consulting, migration, integration, implementation and training.

  • EAP Providers

    EAP Executive is assisting EAP Program services providers’ businesses.

    On this site we use the short form "EAPs" - this incorporates external as well as internal Employee Assistance Programs.

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  • Counselors

    The counselor community providing resource for EAPs is a high priority for us.

    This incorporates individual counselors as well as counseling organizations - big and small.

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  • Partners

    We partner with the best technology companies to deliver the best for you.

    Developers and support individuals innovate to exceed your expectations. They deliver with a human and personal touch.

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