EAP Executive Features


EAP Executive is full of features.

It’s been developed using the latest Microsoft® .NET technologies and according to our end users it’s easy to use and works well on their Windows® PCs. We have modeled the user interface on Office 2010 which is familiar to everyone.

EAP Executive uses a smart client to server approach. Our application server handles all communication with clients and the SQL Server® back end database. An installation of EAP Executive only has one database so everyone shares in the same totally up to date information. Appointment diaries are refreshed automatically in front of your eyes if anyone else adds, changes or deletes appointments.

Client server communication is encrypted using the same technology (TLS) as secure web sites. There is no requirement for client PCs to use the legacy terminal services approach and run the client application on the server. As long as you have an internet connection you can connect any of your PCs to the database no matter where you are in the world.

In addition to the smart client approach we also offer a modern web interface for some of our applications.  This is achieved by delivering a desktop experience within the confines of a web browser. It supports Macs as well as Windows® PCs. These interfaces have been developed using Microsoft Silverlight®.

Our client front end feature pack:

  • Provider Manager
  • Professional Toolbox
  • Office Toolbox
  • Web Toolkit
  • EAP Dashboard
  • EAP Customer Portal

The Provider Manager is the main internal management front end application. It has all the set up and maintenance functions and is primarily used by administrators, account managers, call center operators, and finance personnel.

The primary functions in the Provider Manager are:

  • Service type and Services Maintenance
  • Customer Maintenance and Contract Management
  • Call logging and case/appointment initiation and management
  • Invoicing and Credits
  • Internal Reporting
  • Customer Statistical Reporting (including ROI)
  • Counselor Management
  • Counselor Invoicing and Credits

The Professional Toolbox is used by a single counselor, external or internal. The primary functions are appointment and availability management, case management focused on statistical data collection, and invoice review and approval.

The Office Toolbox is similar in functionality to the professional toolbox but it handles multiple counselors. It’s intended for counseling organizations that work with the EAPs.

The Web Toolkit is fully web based and as such can be used on Macs and PCs. It’s equivalent to the professional toolbox in functionality. It’s ideal for counselors that work onsite and may have to use the customer’s computers.

For the launch of EAP Executive 7 in October 2012 we are adding two new web based products to our kit bag, the EAP Dashboard and the EAP Customer portal. They will enable EAPs to deliver state of the art, cost effective, and revenue generating online services to their customers.

The dashboard is a graphical visualization tool with drill down capability. It will give an up to date picture of how your business is performing against your KPIs across service types and customers. This will change management reporting from an onerous and time consuming exercise to a fully automated and reliable process.

The customer portal will enable EAPs to give their customers online access to statistical information. The information is presented using dashboard like technologies.  It will be delivered as a template extranet web site which can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular approach to customer reporting. This also gives you a new approach to market and sell added value services to your customers - a new revenue stream for EAPs.



  • EAP Providers

    EAP Executive is assisting EAP Program services providers’ businesses.

    On this site we use the short form "EAPs" - this incorporates external as well as internal Employee Assistance Programs.

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  • Counselors

    The counselor community providing resource for EAPs is a high priority for us.

    This incorporates individual counselors as well as counseling organizations - big and small.

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  • Partners

    We partner with the best technology companies to deliver the best for you.

    Developers and support individuals innovate to exceed your expectations. They deliver with a human and personal touch.

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