EAP Executive

EAP Executive is our flagship product for EAPs

It has proven to deliver cost effective management of the whole business process from appointment taking / case creation to invoicing and reporting. It does everything demanding users have come to expect in today’s mobile environment. It’s widely accepted by the counseling community as well as EAPs’ internal administrators and call center operators.

Our off the shelf feature set is as extensive as you would expect:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Counselor Search Engine
  • Google maps support
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Multiple Service Types
  • Contract Management
  • Case Management
  • Case Notes & Attachments
  • BI Customer Portal w ROI
  • Internal KPI Dashboard
  • Accessed via Internet
  • Built in invoicing
  • Email invoices in bulk
  • Full Financials Integration

EAP Executive with all its features is only half our story.

We know you’re unique and different so we deliver the full fixed price solution, including professional services:

  • Installation planning and project establishment
  • Onsite key user training
  • Data migration of historical data
  • Onsite live cut-over and support
  • Perpetual support including major future upgrades



  • EAP Providers

    EAP Executive is assisting EAP Program services providers’ businesses.

    On this site we use the short form "EAPs" - this incorporates external as well as internal Employee Assistance Programs.

    Find out more how we make a difference:

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  • Counselors

    The counselor community providing resource for EAPs is a high priority for us.

    This incorporates individual counselors as well as counseling organizations - big and small.

    Find out how we make it easy:

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  • Partners

    We partner with the best technology companies to deliver the best for you.

    Developers and support individuals innovate to exceed your expectations. They deliver with a human and personal touch.

    Find out how we deliver it to you:

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