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Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is where we own the application you use remotely and the cloud provider owns the infrastructure. Our high-end service cloud provider has been accredited the recognised security standards ISO27001 so you can rest assured of an established security record for your data.

We work with best practice, certified, world recognised, reputable and proven suppliers that specialise in this industry sector. This is available on a global basis with suppliers that are “in it for the long term.”

We offer cost effective, fast, reliable and always available delivery of EAP Executive functionality to all end users within your organisation securely across the internet. This gives you the advantage of one monthly predictable service charge and saves you investing in infrastructure.

We aim at 24x7x365 reliability, speed, security, hardware and network uptime guarantees that can’t be delivered by individual corporates. The state of the industry today is that this kind of large scale investment is unaffordable for the average organisation not specialised in IT services. This best of breed suppliers will form the future “backbone” of the fast growing cloud service market.

It is easier and cheaper to purchase our EAP Executive SaaS application than invest in an in-house development or provide this level of infrastructure. To make a cloud solution cost effective we need a commitment based on a 3 year term and annual roll over from then on…

If you are considering cloud adoption please read the white paper attached - essential for anyone concerned about data security, cost effective infrastructure, and deployment efficency.

  • EAP Providers

    EAP Executive is assisting EAP Program services providers’ businesses.

    On this site we use the short form "EAPs" - this incorporates external as well as internal Employee Assistance Programs.

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  • Counselors

    The counselor community providing resource for EAPs is a high priority for us.

    This incorporates individual counselors as well as counseling organizations - big and small.

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  • Partners

    We partner with the best technology companies to deliver the best for you.

    Developers and support individuals innovate to exceed your expectations. They deliver with a human and personal touch.

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